The Venue Academy by Lindsay Lucas

The Venue Academy

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Module 1: Start Here
Lesson 1: Welcome!
7 mins
Welcome Audio
7 mins
Module 2: What to Look for in a Property
Lesson 1: What to Look for in a Property
10 mins
What to Look for in a Property [Audio only]
10 mins
Property Scouting Checklist [PDF]
577 KB
Module 3: Vendor to Venue Owner
Lesson 1: Vendor to Venue Owner
7 mins
Vendor to Venue Owner [Audio only]
7 mins
Module 4: Market Research
Lesson 1: Market Research
8 mins
Market Research [Audio only]
8 mins
Local Market Research [Spreadsheet]
5.63 KB
Module 5: How to Write a Business Plan
Lesson 1: How to Write a Business Plan
14 mins
How to Write a Business Plan [Audio only]
14 mins
Business Plan Instructions READ ME.pdf
249 KB
Venue Business Plan Template [Word Doc]
1.28 MB
Venue Business Plan Template [Pages]
106 KB
Module 6: In-house vs. Open Concept
Lesson 1: In-House vs. Open Concept
10 mins
In-house vs. Open Concept [Audio only]
10 mins
Module 7: Funding to Profitability
Lesson 1: How to Get Funded
32 mins
How to Get Funded [Audio only]
32 mins
Lesson 1: Construction Estimator [Spreadsheet]
13 KB
Lesson 1: Expense Calculator [spreadsheet]
63.3 KB
Lesson 2: You’re funded! Now what?
13 mins
You're funded! Now what? [Audio only]
13 mins
Lesson 2: Cash Flow Worksheet [spreadsheet]
11.6 KB
Lesson 3: Pricing for Profit
22 mins
Pricing for Profit [Audio only]
22 mins
Lesson 3: Venue Profit Planner [spreadsheet]
177 KB
Module 8: Contracts
Lesson 1: Contracts
39 mins
Contracts [Audio only]
39 mins
Module 9: Policies and Procedures
Lesson 1: Policies & Procedures
43 mins
Policies & Procedures [Audio only]
43 mins
Example Policies & Procedures [PDF]
128 KB
Module 10: CRM
Honeybook Lesson 1: Getting Started
57 mins
Honeybook Lesson 1: Getting Started [Audio only]
57 mins
Honeybook Lesson 2: Workflows
(1h 16m 24s)
Honeybook Lesson 2: Workflows [Audio only]
70 MB
Dubsado Lesson 1: Getting Started
14 mins
Dubsado Lesson 2a: Account Prep
17 mins
Dubsado Lesson 2b: Packages and Payment Schedules
10 mins
Dubsado Lesson 2c: Canned Emails
10 mins
Dubsado Lesson 2d: Updated Email Signature
2 mins
Dubsado Lesson 2e: Forms
31 mins
Dubsado Lesson 2f: Workflow Prep
4 mins
Dubsado Lesson 2g: Workflow Implementation
10 mins
Dubsado Lesson 2h: Workflow Implementation, part 2
7 mins
Dubsado Lesson 3: Projects
23 mins
Dubsado Lesson 4: Reporting, Calendar, Tasks, etc.
9 mins
Module 11: Web Presence
Lesson 1: Web Presence
24 mins
Web Presence [Audio only]
24 mins
Module 12: Marketing and Advertising
Lesson 1: Marketing and Advertising
34 mins
Marketing and Advertising [Audio only]
34 mins
Questions for Magazine Advertisers [PDF]
536 KB
Quarterly Review Worksheet [spreadsheet]
539 KB
Questions for Online Advertisers [PDF]
535 KB
Module 13: Client Experience
Lesson 1: Client Experience
32 mins
Client Experience [Audio only]
32 mins
Module 14: Growing your Team
Lesson 1: Time to Grow Your Team
18 mins
Time to Grow Your Team [Audio only]
16 MB
Lesson 2: The Hiring Process
24 mins
The Hiring Process [Audio only]
24 mins
New Hire Onboarding Checklist [PDF]
128 KB
Lesson 3: Leading a Team
13 mins
Leading a Team [Audio only]
11.5 MB
Module 15 - Event Management
Pre-Event Venue Checklist [PDF]
96.5 KB
Post-Event Venue Checklist [PDF]
375 KB
Incident Report [PDF]
534 KB
Module 16: Best Practices for Reviews
Lesson 1: Best Practices for Reviews
21 mins
Templates for Requesting and Responding to Reviews [Word doc]
319 KB
Templates for Requesting and Responding to Reviews [PDF]
41.5 KB
Resource Toolkit
TVA Resource Toolkit [spreadsheet]
18.6 KB
Guest Experts
Guest Expert: Michelle Caldwell
(1h 00m 33s)
Guest Expert: Brooke Olsen
(1h 44m 10s)
Guest Expert: Paige Hulse, lawyer for creatives
(1h 01m 21s)
Guest Expert: Laura Vazquez
53 mins