Funding 101 for Venues by Lindsay Lucas

Funding 101 for Venues

Did you know?

Did you know that when applying for funding most venues are turned down an average of 7 times before they get approval? I can’t tell you how many tear-filled phone calls I’ve had with aspiring venue owners on the other end of the line. After working hand in hand with financial advisors and helping numerous clients to secure over $11.4M in combined funding, I decided to create a course that specifically focuses on how to set yourself up for success when speaking with banks and investors. 

What if you could increase your chances of getting a yes from a loan officer right out of the gate? This would not only save you time, money, and effort but it would also boost your confidence in knowing that you’re going to be an amazing venue owner.

In addition to teaching you how to best prepare yourself to get your dream funded this course also shows you what to do AFTER you’ve secured that ‘Heck Yes!’ from the bank and those dollar bills have hit your account. 

Ready to increase your odds when applying for funding?

Save yourself the time and frustration of going at it alone. Grab this Funding 101 course and start learning TODAY.

What's included?

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Start Here
8 mins
Module 1: Market Research
Lesson 1: How to Run a Market Analysis
8 mins
Local Market Research Homework [spreadsheet]
5.63 KB
Module 2: How to Write a Business Plan
Lesson 1: How to Write a Business Plan
14 mins
Business Plan Instructions READ ME [PDF]
249 KB
Venue Business Plan Template [Word doc]
19.4 KB
Venue Business Plan Template [Pages]
106 KB
Business Plan Prep.pdf
5.07 MB
Module 3: Funding to Profitability
Lesson 1: How to Get Funded
32 mins
Expense Calculator [spreadsheet]
63.3 KB
Construction Estimator [spreadsheet]
13 KB
Lesson 2: You're funded! Now what?
13 mins
Cash Flow Worksheet [spreadsheet]
11.6 KB
Lesson 3: Pricing for Profit
22 mins
Profit Planner [spreadsheet]
177 KB